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Hire Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer


[from a Poetry One on One session]

"Yesterday, I had Rosemerry work with me for an hour. Oh my. If there's some way to tape or otherwise record your session, do it. So very much good stuff resulted from my session there was no way to get it all transcribed while it was happening, never mind after the fact. 

"Bear in mind I've been seriously writing for something like twenty-five years, a quarter-century. I'm no slouch nor newbie to the game. Still, Rosemerry saturated me with obvious and obvious-after-the-fact insights and perspectives, potentials and possibilities. She ended out session by prescribing for me the very sorts of things I've kinda known I need to work on, but have been avoiding. 

"So, fuhgettabout what the calendar says. 'Tis always the gifting season. A one-on-one poetry playshop (You'll see--it's not work.), is such a luscious gift for the one(s) you love. And whttabout you? You are worthy of your love, aren't you?"

      Eduardo Rey Brummel

Poetry One on One

If you are interested in taking your poems and poetry practice to the next step, consider these hour-long conversations. Each session is customized for the poet. You will learn myriad ways to re-read your written work and make it stronger, clearer, deeper, more charged and more alive.

Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer creates a safe place to explore improving your voice—no shark attacks! Just straight talk, encouragement, and lots of tools you can use as you learn how to better serve the poem and your muse.

Single Session: $75

Five-Sessions: $350

Easily purchase a single session or five through PayPal. Use the drop down menu.

Include your phone number when prompted and Rosemerry will contact you to set up a convenient time for the two of you to explore creative poetics.

Number of Sessions

“I think you have shifted the consciousness of my entire client base. For this, and many other things, I thank you. You are perhaps the most professional person I’ve ever worked with. I’m amazed.”
      —Craig Soren Nielson, Rural Community Assistance Corporation

“Rosemerry, thank you so much for your inspirational program. It was insightful, energizing, as well as entertaining. The members of the American Business Women’s Association in Montrose left with fresh ideas on improving their work-a-day world and smiles on their faces.”
      —Mavis Bennett, President, American Business Women’s Association, Black Canyon Charter Chapter

Through poetry, humor and song, Rosemerry brings the room to life.  Her highly interactive approach gives each child the opportunity to become a participant in a beautiful, creative experiment.  With the support of Rosemerry, children are allowed to shine, to sing, to be silly – to be themselves, and everyone in the room leaves with the knowledge that living in this space of openness is always a possibility.”
      —Erika Gordon, coordinator for enrichment programming, Ridgway Elementary School

Spirited and savvy, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer gets audiences to wake up and take on their own creative endeavors. She specializes in awareness development and attitude change, helping people see the poetry in their own lives.



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