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Watch my TEDx talk The Art of Changing Metaphors: TEDX Rosemerry Trommer

Inspirational Keynotes

Spontaneous Perception: Opening to Our Experience

So many other voices try to tell us our stories. The news. Our families. Teachers. TV. That's dangerous. As Stephen Baerman and Bruce Lipton write in Spontaneous Evolution, "It's our perception of the story that shapes our reality." Let's take a good look at perception—yours. In this keynote—equal parts poetic and practical—Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer shares ideas and tools for becoming our own narrators, treating our lives with curiosity, awareness and openness. 

How to Survive Your Creative Life: Failure, Inner Donkeys, Unsolvable Story Problems and Other Reasons to Bow

Self-doubt. Self-loathing. Rejection. Uncertainty. Ahh… the creative life. Sometimes we want to press eject, but the benefits to a creative practice can be astonishing—a meaning-full, deeply connected, wonder-minded, purpose-rich life. How do you live your life as a work of art? Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer shares ideas on how failure, vulnerability, unknowingness and humility not only serve your creativity but also enrich the rest of your life.

Holy in the Moment: Finding the Poetry in Your Life

What are we doing here? What does it mean to be alive? Who are we, anyway? For centuries, poets have been grappling with these questions. Even if you never write or read a poem, you can still learn a little (or perhaps unlearn a little) from the way poets meet the moment and engage with mystery. Award-winning poet Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer will guide us through some of the stumbling blocks that might keep us from being present and offer suggestions for ways to find the miraculous in the mundane and join our small voices in the one big conversation.

Feeling Stuck?: The Art of Changing Metaphors

Ever feel like you’re trapped? Could be your frame of reference. One of the fundamental findings of cognitive science is that our sense of the world and what is possible is limited by the frames and metaphors mapped in our neural circuitry. What do we do with this information? Poet Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer shares new research in cognitive theory, touching personal stories, and her own enthralling poems to illustrate how powerfully metaphors affect our perception and how we might use new metaphors to our benefit—and the world’s.

“I think you have shifted the consciousness of my entire client base. For this, and many other things, I thank you. You are perhaps the most professional person I’ve ever worked with. I’m amazed.”
      —Craig Soren Nielson, Rural Community Assistance Corporation

“Rosemerry, thank you so much for your inspirational program. It was insightful, energizing, as well as entertaining. The members of the American Business Women’s Association in Montrose left with fresh ideas on improving their work-a-day world and smiles on their faces.”
      —Mavis Bennett, President, American Business Women’s Association, Black Canyon Charter Chapter

Through poetry, humor and song, Rosemerry brings the room to life.  Her highly interactive approach gives each child the opportunity to become a participant in a beautiful, creative experiment.  With the support of Rosemerry, children are allowed to shine, to sing, to be silly – to be themselves, and everyone in the room leaves with the knowledge that living in this space of openness is always a possibility.”
      —Erika Gordon, coordinator for enrichment programming, Ridgway Elementary School

Spirited and savvy, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer gets audiences to wake up and take on their own creative endeavors. She specializes in awareness development and attitude change, helping people see the poetry in their own lives.


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