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Poetry in the Schools

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Rosemerry putting on a show
for the Crestone Poetry Festival

Fees good for programs booked before December 31, 2018


One School Day (up to 7 hours) $1,200
& Evening Program

One School Day (up to 7 hours) $1,000

½-day Seminar (up to 3 1/2 hours) $800

Two classes (up to 2 hours) $500

*Discounted rates for multiple-day or week-long visits available

*Assemblies also available.

*Lodging must be provided if the visit requires an overnight. Mileage must be discussed.

*Books and CDs are available to schools & staff at a 20 percent discount. Costs before discounts are as follows:

Even Now    $20
The Less I Hold    $18
The Miracle Already Happening    $15
Intimate Landscape    $16
Holding Three Things at Once    $18
Insatiable: Poems    $10
The Nature of Love (audio CD)    $12
Suitcase of Yeses (audio CD)    $12
The Christmas Candle Book    $10

“A ‘ten-star’ experience! We enthusiastically recommend Rosemerry Trommer to any classroom.”
      —Phillip Virden, School Board Director, Lake City, Colorado

“The students loved Rosemerry. I thought several were going to jump out of their seats. They’re still talking about it. They see me in the hall and beg me to ask her back. They went away wanting to write and perform—they were in a poetry trance.”
      —Julie Cummings, Teacher, Falcon Creek Middle School

“When Rosemerry came to our school, I didn’t want to go see her at first. Poetry is boring. But then she started singing her words, and I wanted to sing with her, but I didn’t know the words. I found out poetry isn’t boring. She was so cool.”
      —Unga, 6th grade student, Falcon Creek Middle School

“It was inspiring to learn that even I can write a poem. It was difficult at first, but I got into it. I enjoyed Rosemerry’s visit. She is interesting, entertaining and down to earth, and she taught me how to write poems in a fun way.”
      —Natalie Redmond, student, Ridgway High School

There is some kind of magic in your smile, your encouraging energy, and amazing talent to open up people's creative minds. You have facilitated a bit of a renaissance in our building. I have felt warm, enthusiastic vibes from even some of our more reserved teachers today. Of course, the students have it now and are exuding the joy of words big time.
      —Vicki Phelps, 4th and 6th grade science teacher, Naturita Elementary School

“Our students and staff benefited so much from Rosemerry’s visit. In just one afternoon of writing with her, people were surprised at how much they learned about their writing and their own process. She created a safe place where people were willing to risk. And the performance: Wow. I'll never think of a sonnet the same again. Rosemerry has a way of grabbing the audience and delivering poetry in a way that makes it feel urgent and fun. As one woman said, ‘In my work, I just touch the surface of people. Rosemerry touches their hearts.’ ”
      —Ruth Hackford-Peer, Associate Director of Student Life, Adams State College



Spirited and savvy, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer gets audiences to wake up and take on their own creative endeavors. She specializes in awareness development and attitude change, helping people see the poetry in their own lives.



Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer
P.O. Box 86   Placerville, Colorado  81430
Phone:  970-729-1838