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You the Poet

Ready to Move More Wholly into Your Creative Process?

Through poetry and painting, you can explore both inner and outer landscapes and move more wholly into the creative process. A chance to step out of the rush of your life and dedicate time to your creative, playful, wise and unfolding self. What memories, stories, images and patterns might appear? In this four-day intensive, poet Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer and painter Brucie Holler guide and encourage women as they explore in two genres, a practice that allows for surprising insights, clarity and vulnerability. If you are interested in having a Going Out, Going In retreat hosted near you, contact Rosemerry.

The Art of the Practice: Poetry Exercises for You to Try

Ever get stumped by a blank white page? One thing I do when this happens is read other people’s poetry and look for poems I love. Then, when I stumble on something marvelous, I try to identify what it is that I love so much about that poem and then give myself an assignment.


Here are some examples of poems that I love and love to build on: