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You the Poet

“Rosemerry is a fine teacher—she reaches out, she coaxes, she encourages, she listens, she shares her passion. Poetry just comes alive through her.”
      —Laurie Wagner Buyer, poet


Podium Finish in a Poetry Dress: Why not wear haiku for your next Nordic Ski Race? Rosemerry took third in the annual Butch Cassidy 15k Chase—poetry in motion? At least one racer told her he had a good time reading it before he passed her on a hill … thanks to Kathleen Morgan who created the dress, and to Sara Ballentyne and Corinne Platt (pictured) who took first and second and led the skate ski race clinic leading up to the race. 

The Art of the Practice: Poetry Exercises for You to Try

Ever get stumped by a blank white page? One thing I do when this happens is read other people's poetry and look for poems I love. Then, when I stumble on something marvelous, I try to identify what it is that I love so much about that poem and then give myself an assignment. Here are some examples of poems that I love and love to build on.

On the Last Day
Beyond Answers
My Lips Got Lost
Your Place in the Family of Things
Walking in Two Worlds at Once

Feeling Lost?
Feeling Out of Control? Write, Write, Write
Emotions 101
And This Is Why I Hold You
Becoming an Instrument
From Abstract to Road Map
Giving Advice
Looking Into the Crystal Ball
Making it Beautiful
Writing about Writing

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