It’s never been more clear how linked we are, how our choices affect everyone else.

How quickly the world is changing. How quickly we’re having to learn to dance with uncertainty, to be fully present, to bring out the best in ourselves and share it.

We’ve never needed each other more, and yet we’re separated—or are we? I’ve been turning to poetry again and again, finding in it news of the connection I am craving. Where to find poems that remind us of our humanity? Of the light we all carry? I’m turning to The Singing Bowl, to, to Poetry of Presence and Healing the Divide.

And I’ve been writing daily poems that are wrestled by fear and beauty, sorrow and gratitude, and you can find them on my daily poetry blog, A Hundred Falling Veils.

May you be well. May we all be well. May we find the poetry always available in every moment. And share it.
– Rosemerry

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