Sometimes it helps not to know where we are going. Like when, making a wrong turn in the city, we find the most charming café we’d never seen before. Or when, making the wrong turn on a path, we arrive in a meadow with a newly born fawn.

But how easily do we let ourselves get lost on purpose?

One for the Mind

Books and Recordings by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

throwing the compass
into the tall grass—
the feet giddy with possibility

I tend to be a very practical person. Getting lost usually feels antithetical to efficiency. But when writing poems, it’s the very best thing we can do. One of the promises I make myself every day when I sit down to write is that I will not know the ending. When we already know where we will arrive, as my friend Kathryn Bass says, we create an “emergency exit,” which allows us to eject from the poem before it has taught us whatever it is it has to teach us. And I’ve noticed the more comfortable I get with letting the poem lead me, the more comfortable I am with letting life lead me. There are so many gifts in a poetry practice—how profoundly it changes the way we engage with the world.

I hope to see you in one of my workshops or to speak with you about your writing one on one. And here are poems for you to read.

Let’s play.

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