I believe in kindness. I’m not alone.

In February, I received in the mail a letter from a woman in California I had never met, Sherry Richert Belul. In the envelope was a handwritten note, several thoughtful pre-printed cards, and five dollars. One of the cards explained she was sending money every day for three weeks to people who had brought abundance to her life, and she was grateful for poems that I had written. I was astonished with gratitude, and wrote a poem about it, “Secret Agents,” which ended by noting how the world uses us as its agents, and we are charged with spreading good will.

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I posted the poem and a photo of her note on Facebook, and there was immediate excitement. People wrote, “I want to be a secret agent!” Within days, Sherry and I formed Secret Agents for Change, and we planned Operation Love, a seven-day challenge with daily missions that leave traces of kindness in unexpected places.

How quickly the group gained traction! I was so gladdened. Despite the heartache and pain in the world, it’s clear we want to find kindness in ourselves and in each other. And we are ready to do something about it. As I am learning, one small act of kindness can have the most astonishing global chain reaction!

What’s one kind thing you could do for someone? Write them a poem. Share it with them. You have important, heart-opening, mind-awakening things to say. Say them.

Let’s play.


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