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  • Practice, More Practice January 28, 2020
        And if I snap at you about the soap in the wrong place or the toaster not being put away or how we are late, it is simply that I have forgotten the inner spaciousness of everything. I have forgotten the poem inside everything.   And if I mutter and pace and stiffen, […]
  • Grace January 26, 2020
          After all these years of falling, falling, terrified of my own weight, terrified of gravity, after all these years of dropping through the sky, through all these fears of not good enough, certain I will crash, I will die, I find myself now wearing a great white parachute that appeared as if […]
  • This Being a Parent January 25, 2020
     (with thanks to Rebecca Mullen)   The way the tangerine never thinks to thank its peel, the way the button doesn’t appreciate the thread that tethers it, the way the water doesn’t honor the shore for encompassing it, this is the way I want you to take me for granted. As if I will always […]
  • But It Took Over an Hour to Get There January 24, 2020
        This morning the new kitten played with a hair tie for twenty minutes, kicking it under the table, swatting it across the room, catching it on a nail and tossing it into the air. Meanwhile, I tried to do the same thing with an idea—tried to bat at it, swipe at it, fling […]
  • Wish January 23, 2020
          Perhaps because I am cold I want to bring you warmth— isn’t that how it goes? We wish for each other what we most want for ourselves. And so I wish you real love, the kind that is as familiar as brushing your teeth, as spectacular as the sky tonight drenching the […]
  • Big Eden January 22, 2020
          As surely as I know how to spell harvest, I understood today that no matter our job titles, our work is gardener: always the same: Plant the seeds. Tend what grows. Nourish. Pinch back. Repeat. What a gift to see, at last, the size of the garden. What a gift to be […]
  • Having Dreamt of the End of the World January 21, 2020
          I woke up giddy, because on rising, there was still a world. Snow out the window, and a window! And a cover on the bed. And a bed! And a body that ached from the fall in the trees, but dang, I had a body. And it woke up! And yeah, there […]
  • The Truth January 20, 2020
        Inside the bright words there are other words that want to be said— small words in dark shells. . It reminds me of the sunflowers that grew in the fall— how we loved them for their golden petals,   but they were true to the small dark seeds that grew them, to the […]
  • Interview in The Colorado Sun January 19, 2020
      What poem scared you the most to write? What did you learn while researching poems? those are two of the questions I was asked in the interview for The Colorado Sun about my most recent book, Naked for Tea. The interview was published today–coordinated in part by the Colorado Author’ League. Read it here, and […]
  • Longing to Help January 19, 2020
        The world enters us as breath. We return to it itself as breath.             —Joseph Hutchison, “Comfort Food: Breath”     And so today, on a day when I feel quite sure I can’t give you anything, not anything that really matters, I give you my breath. It’s more conceptual than actual, perhaps, […]