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  • Short Break from Posting January 8, 2021
    Hi Friends, I am going to be on a two-week writing seclusion to finish a large project, and to maintain focus, I won’t be sending out daily poems for that time. When I return to email, I will send you a giant bouquet of poems (probably mostly haikulings!) with gratitude for you–I am so grateful you […]
  • Scale January 8, 2021
    The heartis perhapsmore bonsaithan redwood—constrainedby the sizeof its container—still, it branches,it grows,learns to thriveinside,no lessremarkable,no lessevergreen.
  • Lesson from the Ouzel January 7, 2021
    Sometimes I want to be anywhere but here, but today, I let myself feel it all. I go to the river covered in ice,and move along the bank until I find the open places where the dark-feathered ouzelchooses to submerge in the cold, cold water— It doesn’t hesitate to plunge into frigid depths.It knows it […]
  • The Path of Love January 6, 2021
                with gratitude to Jude Janett and Joi Sharp  And here I thought the path of lovewould look like love. Like kindness.Like generosity. Like gentleness. Instead it looks like me being botheredby the sound of loud chewing. Mewanting praise. Me needing to feel loved. Hello me. How elegantly lovehas arranged for me to meetall the parts of me […]
  • Hope January 5, 2021
    Nudged by hopethe heart risesfrom exhaustion. It’s like the great blue heronI saw this morningflying up from a wasteland on broad gray wingswith strong, slow beatsfor a moment charged with gracebefore—did yousee this, heart?— it chose to land again,bringing all its beautyto the desolate place.
  • Better Half January 4, 2021
    After midnight, the shadowis with me drinking tea—mint and lemongrass.It doesn’t mind a spill.What’s a mess to a shadow?If there is a questionthat must be asked,the shadow doesn’t speak it—no, it understands, perhaps,the only reasonto ask a question is to letthe universe know  a willingness to not know.The shadow doesn’t worryabout what comes next.That’s the […]
  • One in the Woods January 3, 2021
    crooked stavesaspen shadows on snow—our attention the song
  • January 1 January 2, 2021
    When I say Happy New Year,I hear my grandmother’s voiceinside my voice, the wayshe slapped the first syllable,the way silence hung for a momentbefore she finished the rest of the phrase.HAP-py New Year!Each time I say the words, sheis so alive in that moment—the syllables themselveswear her bright red nails,her signature updoand her rhinestone earrings.HAP-py […]
  • For Auld Lang Syne January 1, 2021
      We’ll drink a cup of kindness yet,says the song, and I would give youthe cup, friend, would fill itwith whiskey or water or whateverwould best meet your thirst. I fill it with the terrifying beautyof tonight’s bonfire—giant licksof red and swirls of blue that consumewhat is dead and melt the iceand give warmth to what is […]
  • Again, Again December 31, 2020
    On a day when the worldasks too much of meand I don’t know how to give it,I think of the squirrelsat the feeder when I was a girl. Dad hung the feederon a squirrel-proof wire.Dad set the feederon a squirrel-proof pole.Squirrels found a way. Surely there’s some squirrel in me,some chattering tenacity,some bushy tailed resolve.If […]