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  • One Before Evening Comes February 24, 2020
        in the dry field of hope the rattling bugle of sandhill cranes— the sky alive with great wings
  • Necessary Respite February 23, 2020
          Just today I did not fall in love with the long hallway, or the faithful radiator or the steadfast brick. I did not fall in love with a calculator or   with lavender soap. I certainly did not fall for a loyal wooden ladder, not for a mirror, not for the underappreciated […]
  • The Merchant of Epiphanies February 22, 2020
          Hey buddy, he says, as he opens his trench coat, you wanna buy an epiphany? And there, in the satiny lining he reveals a flashy display. Oooh, I say, those look lovely. I could use an epiphany or three. What is the meaning of life, of course. The secret of happiness. And […]
  • Perhaps Next Time February 21, 2020
        Vast and powerful, the invitation like a sea with a surf and unknowable tides—   I do not want to stay on the shores of my life. I want to run headlong into the waves, to feel myself buoyed and challenged, to know myself as one who risks, who emerges shimmering.
  • Though It’s Rusty from Lack of Use February 20, 2020
        Today I wish I were a potato peeler, able to remove the outer layers of myself, able to shave off any toughness I’ve developed to protect, to safeguard, to shield. I want to give myself to you, the inner sweetness, the tenderest parts. I want to unpeel any husk, any rind, any barrier […]
  • Thinking of Sending You a Postcard of the Sunrise Over the Sea February 19, 2020
        And while I am at it, I should like to send you a postcard from the shores of my body, wish you were here, it is warm and there are so many places for us to explore together—but even as I write these words the letters grow ink dark wings and fly over […]
  • First Night in Mexico February 18, 2020
      for Colette     Beside my bed, she left a beautiful beaded hummingbird and a story about how the Mayans believe that these birds will transport all of our good wishes and desires to another. Tonight, there is no one I wouldn’t send this bird to— not just to my loved ones, but to […]
  • Second Chance February 17, 2020
        Next time the boy throws the snow at my face,   please let me see an invitation to play,   though it’s cold, surprising, his eyes bright requests.
  • Remedy February 16, 2020
          Not tea, not pills, not herbs, not tinctures, not creams, not salts, not drops, not injections— what the heart needs tonight is a song so true that its cells rhyme themselves with the beat. Tonight, the only medicine this tired heart needs is to listen.
  • Loving the Broken Heart February 15, 2020
        Every year the red or pink envelopes would arrive, three of them tucked into the post office box— one for my daughter, one for my son, and one for me. Sally always remembered. My children were, perhaps, a bit cavalier about the cards— they’d read the Valentines and smile and set them aside. […]