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  • Though I Knew Love Before August 15, 2022
    Exactly a year ago I posted a message instead of a poem, explaining I needed a time away. Two weeks later I explained why. It was almost two months later I posted my son Finn’s obituary. In the last year, I have been so humbled by the love and support and kindness of people. So […]
  • The One Who Thrives August 14, 2022
    for my daughter, a year later She has learned to bloomlike the tuberose,opening in the lightbut becoming more potentin the dark.Sweet scent of honey.Tenacious scent of jasmine.The hard won scentof hope.Scent of the onewho has learned to thrivewhen thrivingdoesn’t feel possible.Scent of resilience.Scent of I can.Scent of the onewho finds graceon the inside.Scent of elusive […]
  • The Bidding August 13, 2022
     Again, I am ruled by it,this invitation to be wildly openthe way a day is open,this invitation to be porousthe way birdsong is porous,this invitation to feel it allthe way skin feels it all whenI slip into a blue alpine lake.Again this urge to fall all the wayinto the mystery and refuseany rope thrown in […]
  • In Crepuscular Light August 12, 2022
    These warm summer eveningsI take in the nighthawkslooping above the field.I take in their fast and agile flight,take in their long and pointed wings.Come winter, I will be gratefulto have stored such things.When the nighthawks are goneand the world is dim,I will want to remember thema—their aerialist displays, the waythey make of the dusk a […]
  • Dizzying August 11, 2022
    After midnight I standon the leading side of the earthand watch as comet debrisspeeds through the atmosphere.Oh, the universe is big, and tonight,I’m in love with being small,my tiny heart flung wide to the mystery.I think of the meteors flaring across the sky,how they’re made from dustthe size of a grain of sand.It takes so […]
  • At Last August 10, 2022
    After a week, at last the peacheson the counter smell like peaches,their sweet summer scent reachingacross the room to where I sittrying to balance numbers.The scent is like a flirty loverwho won’t take no for answer,who trails fingertips down my cheekand neck and lightly tugs at my collar,then tilts my head backto whisper into my […]
  • Walking with Lulu Down to the River August 9, 2022
    She carries a vaseof delphiniums and daisiesand I carry a tuneand we toss them alllike wishesinto the river.Some wishesare more beautifulfor knowing they will nevercome true.When we are donewe hold hands in the twilightand watch the lastof the flowers floatin the shimmering eddies.This is the momentI would not have knownto have wished for.I lean into […]
  • After the Memorial August 8, 2022
    The mother walkedin a deep river gorgeforged by water and time.She knew herself alone.She moved with no urgency.She stepped as if she’d forgottenwhat time was.She paused at the wild currantsand pulled the small red fruitsinto her mouth.She paused on the bridgeand watched the watercontinue its forging.She paused on a flat rock,removed her shoesand slipped her […]
  • On the Day We Remember My Son August 7, 2022
    After hours of weeping and laughingand hearing stories that make me falleven more deeply in love with my boy,after flower bouquets and tear-stained wordsand full body hugs and cello and viola and Country Roadsand leaning deeply into grief and grace,I sit alone in my car and discoverwith a quick glance at my phonesomeone has given […]
  • To Face the Dark August 6, 2022
    To face the dark,one does not need a light.Nor does one need a watch,a feather, a melody, a sword, a pen.One doesn’t even need a friend.To face the dark,one needs only to face the dark.There is something easier thenabout the facing, when we knowwe need no preparation.Nothing is asked of us exceptthe willingness to face […]