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  • In Memoriam, Finn Thilo Trommer, September 11, 2004-August 14, 2021 September 19, 2021
    photo from 2018, Real Life Photographs Some people come into the world and bring shine to everything they touch. Finn Thilo Trommer, born on September 11, 2004, exuded radiance. Wherever he went, he brought his curiosity, tenacity, discipline, integrity and goofiness. In the classroom, he achieved straight A plusses. He won the fencing tournament, the […]
  • A short update August 27, 2021
    Dear Friends,  I have never felt such an infusion of love. And I have never needed it more. Thank you.  This is the most difficult time of my life. My beautiful, beloved boy, Finn Thilo Trommer, killed himself on Saturday, August 14. He would have turned 17 on September 11. As I wrote to one […]
  • A time away August 15, 2021
    Dear friends,  I am experiencing a family tragedy. I am not sure when I will return to posting daily poems. Thank you so much for all your good thoughts and prayers. I may not be returning messages for some time.  With gratitude, Rosemerry
  • While Unpacking Giant Wine Goblets August 14, 2021
    At first, I wish my motherwould consider giving them away—her new apartment is shy on cupboard space.How many wine glasses do you need?I ask, trying to sound reasonable.She responds by saying,But they’re for red wine,as if that explains it—as if of course, she needs eightbeautiful globe-shaped glassesfor serving pinot noir and merlot.And they’re so hard […]
  • When in Rome August 13, 2021
    What a loss it would beto not have born so Iwould have missed aThursday night like thisin which my son and Iwalk the dark streetsin Georgia and watchthe lightning transformthe sky into pink flaresand smell some sweetunnamable flower andtalk about Dodge Chargersand knees and roaches—I swear it has all beenworth it, every secondof fifty-one years, […]
  • Choosing August 12, 2021
    It’s not the meteor showerwith its wild arcs of lightthat unzip the velvet dark—what moves me is the one starthat manages to shinethrough the thick atmosphere,a lone light in this giant dome,not more than a speck,yet it persists, constant.There are many ways to shine,it seems to say, its tiny glintwinking against midnight.And the dark is […]
  • One Illumination August 11, 2021
      night so darkeven my thoughts dim—then (oh!) fireflies!
  • Shade Loving August 10, 2021
    Bless the astilbe, the hellebore,the hydrangea, bless the lobelia,the bright impatiens—it is no small thing to grow,more notable still to grow in the shade—to not only grow but to flower,to bring color to the dark.I take it to heart, the fuschia hangingin the shadow, cascadingdeep pink bells all summer long.Oh tough beauty, teach methe art […]
  • Pickling August 9, 2021
      For hours we stand in the kitchenand slice cucumbers, peel garlic,prepare the brine. There is joyin preserving what is wonderful,in letting the self believe in a futurewhen we will pull the jar from the shelfand remember what it was likethis summer day—as if we could alsofit into the jar the laughter, the pinkof the zinnias […]
  • Sitting in the Dark August 8, 2021
    tree crickets so loudI grow smaller until all that’s leftof me ishum