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  • Advice to Self: Get Lost October 28, 2020
    To move forward, move forward. But first, get lost. Really lost. If you have a map, burn it. Not that there’s anything wrong with a map. But you must recalibrate the one using it. Let her not know where she is. And if she does know, perhaps through rote, perhaps through muscle memory, then spin […]
  • At the National Gallery of Art October 27, 2020
                on seeing The Lovers by Pablo Picasso when I was sixteen Perhaps because I was in love I fell in love with The Lovers— fell in love with the way the man held the woman from behind. Fell in love with his red, with her yellow and green. Fell in love with his gaze, […]
  • Clear Instruction October 26, 2020
    Tonight my daughter closes her fist around the first snow squeezes to make it into a small cold ball the shape of her hand, and then offers it to me. It tastes like sky, like electric charge, like winter, like childhood, like curiosity. And once again I’m a girl who walks to the neighbor’s yard […]
  • Making Applesauce October 25, 2020
    To buy three boxes of apples is to believe the world will go on long enough that we should preserve the goodness of autumn. Perhaps it is practical to cook the fruit, to store it in jars, but I prefer to think of it as hope filling the house with its sweet red perfume, hope […]
  • The Hero of the Imogene Pass Run October 24, 2020
    When I think of encouragement, I think of Jack Pera, who stood every year at the top of Imogene Pass— in snow, in sun, in sleet, in fog. On race day, a thousand plus runners would reach the top, weary, having climbed over five thousand feet in ten miles, and Jack, he would hold out […]
  • Devotions: A discussion series reveling in the poetry of Mary Oliver October 24, 2020
    What will you do with your one wild and precious life? For five decades, Mary Oliver wrote poetry that invited us to live more wholly, more attentively, more wildly in the world. In this five-week discussion class, we’ll discuss poems from her new selected poems, Devotions, which Oliver herself curated and arranged. We’ll do as […]
  • One with a Mud Pit in the Middle October 23, 2020
    playing tug of war— my future my past
  • Ode to the Cherry Cough Drop October 22, 2020
    Too sharp to be candy, and yet you manage to trick the tongue into willingness. Other’s may have better medicine, may get to the heart of what’s wrong. But you, you bring ease, you relieve. Your whole purpose: To soothe until healing can happen. To insert a little sweetness into misery. To relax what wants […]
  • Things to Do While Not Asleep October 21, 2020
    Check the time. Reach for scraps of the dream you just woke from. Close your eyes again. Remind yourself of studies that say you’re still getting rest even if you feel awake. Curse the studies. Curse the awakeness. Notice how cursing wakes you even more. Toss. Count breaths of the person sleeping next to you. […]
  • Biometric October 20, 2020
    And if they tried to match the whirl of my fingerprint, they’d learn my true identity is galaxy, close cousin to the fern, and sister to the nautilus. They’d learn I’m most definitely guilty of Fibonacci. I leave evidence everywhere—tiny invisible swirls, reminders that I, too, am hurricane, eddy, whirlpool, and sunflower head. I have […]