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  • Video for Stubborn Praise, Featuring Alison Luterman August 11, 2020
    Last night, James Crews and I hosted Stubborn Praise: An Evening Celebrating Here & Now through Poetry. Our guest was Alison Luterman. If you weren’t able to catch it live, here’s a recording!
  • Holding What Must Be Held August 11, 2020
    Down by the river we sit and talk. When I think I can’t ache any more, the world serves more heartache. And I meet it. I say no, but I feel myself stretched by some great invisible hand, rendering me spacious enough to hold what must be held. When we rise to leave, the river […]
  • On a Night When the World Seems Doomed August 10, 2020
                for Heartbeat If I said we sat in a circle in an open air room made of stones with tall arched windows and night sky for a dome and drank wine and laughed and teased and wept, if I said we then sang by candlelight until the milky way spilled into our throats and […]
  • Temple August 9, 2020
    It’s not because anything special happened. Though I’ve sat in silence in desert canyons and climbed iron rungs on overhanging cliffs and sung in cathedrals and sung in snow caves and hiked naked through juniper and washed dishes in inner city shelters and wandered the cobblestones of ancient villages, today, sitting on the couch in […]
  • One Journey August 8, 2020
    this crumb trail of syllables worthy of decade-long explorations— your name
  • Good Morning, Stranger August 7, 2020
    Some mornings when I wake, it’s as if I have entered someone else’s life wearing someone else’s dress and someone else’s socks and try as I might, I can’t seem to find myself inside them, can’t seem to get them off of me. I read a book in which a woman’s lover tears off her […]
  • One Marvel August 6, 2020
    after Issa common as morning this love and yet and yet
  • One Endless Supply August 5, 2020
    slipping again out of those same dog eared thoughts faded rose petals
  • Tonight Is a Torn Map August 4, 2020
    Tonight Is a Torn Map Tonight is a torn map and the woman is a would-be voyager. Once, she believed there was a path. Now, she believes there are many. Sitting still beside the river, she notices the urge to rise, notices when the urge has passed. Notices it rise again. Being still is one […]
  • Stubborn Praise: Featuring Alison Luterman, Aug. 10 August 3, 2020
    Stubborn Praise: An evening celebrating here and now through poetry with hosts Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer and James Crews and special guest Alison Luterman August 10, 5 pm (PDT), 6 p.m (MDT), 7 p.m. (CDT), 8 p.m (EDT) Free, but you need to register for this webinar here: Zoom Every second Monday of the month, invite […]