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  • The Waking July 27, 2021
    When we wake, all people are rivers—though some are torrents and somemere trickles, though some break downobstacles and some slowly meander.  We move from our beds through the banksof the world, our lives following the courseof the day. Our streams merge with the streamsof others. We are, every day, more each otherand still somehow ourselves. […]
  • Somewhere You Feel Free July 26, 2021
    You belong among the wildflowers.            —Tom Petty, “Wildflowers” Standing alonein a high and steep meadowsurrounded by a million millionpale purple asters,a person might be,at least for a moment,a many petaled thing,might know the blue skyin a new blue way;might want to visit the selfas curious as a beestepping into the golden centerof things. What luckto […]
  • Transplanting the Nasturtiums July 25, 2021
    They don’t like it. For a day,maybe two, they’ll hang limpin the beds. I try to talk themthrough it, try to tell themit will be okay. But no onewants to hear it will be okaywhen it feels as ifthe world is ending,especially not nasturtiums—nasturtiums can’t hear,which makes me wonderhow much of what I sayto comfort […]
  • Potica July 24, 2021
    Sitting in ColoradoI think of my parents sittingin Illinois,how tonight in differentkitchens together we savorthe Slovenian sweet breadof my father’s childhood,the sweet breadhis mother would make—savor not just the tastebut the memory of the taste,the paper thin crust,the ground walnuts,the honey.Savor not just the loafbut the memory of the handsthat once made the loaf,the happiness […]
  • Two Hours upon the Stage July 23, 2021
    Look like th' innocent flower, But be the serpent under ’t. —Lady Macbeth in Macbeth, Act I, Scene V, by William Shakespeare Again tonight Macbeth kills Duncan, stabs him in his sleep as he has done for four hundred twenty-five years, as he’s destined to do for how many hundreds of years more, never able […]
  • The Apology Speaks July 22, 2021
    How long ago did you forget about me?I used to bloom in your mind like bindweed,twisting and lacing through every thought,but you were too afraid then to say mytwo small words. I’m sorry. You wantedto say them. You meant them. You knewhow much power I have. Even so, you knewI wasn’t enough. And you knewI […]
  • Perennial July 21, 2021
    Sometimes even a small sweetness—a kind word, a kind act— is robust enough to take root,and though its perfume soon fades and its petals wither,the roots persist so years later when you least expect it,there in a forgotten field, or perhaps in your own well-tended yard,you catch the scent of sweetness and follow it until […]
  • Things That Can Be Found July 20, 2021
    Your own way, of course,though that will alwaysbe lost again.Your keys. Your balance.Your groove.You can find your joy.Your jean size. Your niche.Your face shape. Your rhythm.Your love.Find your rapper name, like Da Real Ro$e,or Rosormous G,or Inspectah Jazz.Your happy place. Your inner peace.Your people. Your tribe.Your wings.You can find your career.Your spirit animal. Your voice.Your […]
  • Seeing Clearly July 19, 2021
    Forgive me for wanting to fix you.As if we could be anythingbut who we are. Forgive me for every timeI have looked at you with hawkish eyes,eyes with talons, eyes that hunt. Forgive me for thinking I knowwhat you need, for thinking I am right.For scrutinizing, for judging, for using my gaze to build walls.I want to look […]
  • No Slam Dunk, But July 18, 2021
    Every day, a second chance—as if all of life before has been one big shotand today, I get to try again. Get toforgive. Get to be kind. Get to let go,be open, be gentle with myself.Get to learn, unlearn, play again.I think of Michael Jordan, and thoughI know nothing of basketball, I knowhe missed more […]