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  • Rionnach Maoim September 26, 2022
    In Gaelic, they have a phrase that meansthe shadows cast on the moorlandby clouds moving across the skyon a bright and windy day.Though I did not knowthis phrase before today,I have lived it.Though I cannot pronounce this phrase,my heart is a moorland.I have come to lovethe musky scent of heather,the sweet scent of gorse,the theater […]
  • The Prayers September 25, 2022
    When I asked the world to open me,I did not know the price.When I wrote that two-word prayer in the sand,I did not know loss was the key,devastation the hinge,trust was the dissolutionof the idea of a door.When I asked the world to open me,I could never have said yes to what came next.Perhaps I […]
  • An Open Thank You Letter to Kristen Who Works at the Cemetery September 24, 2022
    Her smile was clear sky, was green grass,was slender stream of waterfall.Her smile said, You are welcome here.Her smile said, You are not alone. She waved to me as I climbed the hillto sit by the grave of my son and she offeredto water the flowers I’d brought from the garden.Her offer was pink snapdragon, […]
  • The Autumn Morning September 23, 2022
    Perhaps a red-tailed hawkcalls to you through closed windows,and curious, you leave your workand step out into the morning.The air smells of rain and autumn leaves,and the hawk makes wide circles above the yardas if showing you how it’s done—this is how you play with the day.   Everything glitters as the sun emerges.Everything, even […]
  • For a Moment September 22, 2022
    It’s the kind of night I wish for a firefly.The fact that they don’t live heredoesn’t stop me from wishing.Is it so wrong to want some small proofof light in the darkness? What I really want? Proof of miracles.Proof of life beyond life.Oh world, you’ve given me proof.And I want more. Perhaps it would be […]
  • Getting to I Don’t Know September 21, 2022
    Sometimes, too certain I know what love is,I miss love.It’s like thinking water is waves,not seeing water is also the depths of ocean,the muscle of river, the body, the air,ice, snow, fog, clouds, mist.Sometimes, longing to hear certain words,I neglect to hear the words that are spoken.Or craving a certain touch, I disregardall other touch, […]
  • Elegy for Laurie September 20, 2022
    “Who am I to inspire someone else and prod a good poem out of them?  I don’t see myself in that light.” —Laurie James, poet, friend, performer, organizer, member of the tribe, in an interview with Eduardo Brummel, Write More Now, 2017 A cantankerous sparrow of a woman,   I imagine her rolling her eyes at […]
  • Meeting Anger September 19, 2022
    My little brother and I sat on the back porch steps,huddled into the thin wisps of each other’s bodies,weeping. Though there is no photo of this,I see it as if it is framed. It is summer.The house behind us is yellow.We are wearing more skin than clothes,and our arms are slender ribbons binding us.Inside, our […]
  • One Tracking Joy September 18, 2022
    thigh high in mud—somewhere down therea footprint we can follow
  • Pricklesome September 17, 2022
      Piercing the softest sweater I ownare dozens of thin black seeds,needle-sharp and needle-stiff.Their purpose: to spread.They prick, they lance, they jab, they spear.They refuse to be ignored.It took only seconds for them to attach,but to extricate them? Today, again, I was remindedhow I do not wishto be a carrier of sharp things.I do not wish to […]