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  • Short Break in Posting April 6, 2021
    Hi friends, it’s our spring break so I will be mostly offline these next two weeks and not sending out the daily poems. On April 19, you’ll get a big bouquet of two weeks’ worth of daily poems all at once and then we’ll return to the regular daily sending practice.  In the meantime, wishing […]
  • One Dedication April 6, 2021
    hope gets a flat tire—the stubborn heartstarts walking
  • The Tide is High April 5, 2021
    lyrics from "The Tide Is High" by John Holt, 1967            Something about the unsinkable reggae beat,and in just three notes, I’m again my young self,dancing alone in my bedroom,singing as if I am one with the song,as if it were written just for me, I’m not the kind of girlwho gives up just like that, oh no, […]
  • Made to Love April 4, 2021
      That love is complicatedis no surprise—consider the human heartpumps blood to almostseventy-five trillion cells,and if we were to stretchout our blood vessel system,it would extend oversixty thousand miles.Of course, thingsget tangled and messy. And perhaps, love is alsonot so complicated.Perhaps it’s as easyas waking up in the nightand feeling the darkness hold us.As effortless as sippingsweet […]
  • One Invitation April 3, 2021
    the new maplife gave me—a blank page
  • Wild Rose Plans Spring Break April 2, 2021
    Why would she go to the beachwhen she could vacation on Mars?Plenty of sand there, well, dust, really,but it’s almost the same.Wild Rose wants an adventure,not just a week of sitting on a towel.Relax? She wants to make history.She craves things she’s never done before.Minus eighty degrees Fahrenheit?She’ll pack down and polypro.And hasn’t she learned […]
  • Symbiosis April 1, 2021
      These poemsare only wordsnesting on a page, but when you read themthey becomehummingbirds— can you feelhow they are drawnto the red flower of you, how it is youwho gives themthe nectar they need, how it iswhat is inside youthat supports their tinyflutteringhearts?
  • Forty Years Later March 31, 2021
    Sticks and stones may break my bonesbut words plant thousands of tiny malicious seedsthat remain viable for a hundred years,seeds that spring up in any season,pushing their basal rosettesthrough the rocky soil of self-doubt.I suspect you don’t even remember castingthe seeds, but I have weeded themfrom me for decades, tugged at them,cursed when the tap […]
  • Thank You March 30, 2021
                for all poetry friends  I am perhaps the crowwho, parched, unable to fly,arrives at the pitcherand realizesI cannot reach the water.But in this story,there are no pebbles nearby.In this story,there are other crowswho arrive, eachwith pebbles they dropinto the pitcher.You, my friends,are the crows.Your wordsare the pebbles.And slowly, sweet miracle,the water rises. 
  • Two Poems Today in ONE ART! March 30, 2021
    I love receiving the ONE ART poetry journal almost every day in my inbox … and today it’s my delight to be featured there with two poems!