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  • As the Chemo Begins December 12, 2019
          Most of her hair was gone already, but I guided the electric razor across her scalp, brown tufts falling into my fingers.   We listened to music, drank wine, toasted to vulnerability. She made jokes about not needing to buy shampoo.   I sang along with the songs we had chosen— choked […]
  • Tomorrow the World December 11, 2019
      Title from “Starting with Little Things” by William Stafford     Meet the world as jellyfish do, evolving toward clarity, straddling the balance of what can and can’t be seen. Know when to contract, when to expand—to be efficient and full of grace.   Become a bell that rings only silence. A dance that […]
  • The Poem Tries December 10, 2019
        Let yourself be danced.             —Augusta Kantra     The poem sits down to be written. Instead, it stares at the bay. There’s a highway in the distance that could take it all the way to California. The poem doesn’t want to go to California. It wants to be present, just here, on […]
  • Who Am I? December 10, 2019
        I thought I wanted a harmonium of answers, a key of certainty, a hymn of how to, but silence gave me the most beautiful gift— one true question.
  • Inner Locating December 10, 2019
        Close to the waves, I hear only waves. Close to the cars, I hear cars. Come closer, says the silence. Come closer, says the heart.
  • One Simultaneous December 10, 2019
          driving white knuckled in the blizzard, meanwhile a white camellia blooms
  • Instead of Getting Riled December 10, 2019
        The pelican dives into the water, rises again. Hovers. Dives. Rises. Each time, the water is quick to forget the intrusion loses its ripples, stills. A thought is a kind of a pelican. A woman is a kind of a bay. The pelicans will always dive. The bay will always return to stillness. […]
  • Perhaps a Chance December 5, 2019
        It’s not that way with all things. Some that go are gone.             —A.R. Ammons, “Eyesight”     And so it is that even after the candle flame is gone, yes, after the flame is gone, the carbon and unburned wax vapor in the smoke will still combust when touched by a match, […]
  • Urgency December 4, 2019
          Again the urge to bring gauze to the broken world— and medicine and a plaster cast. Again the urge to fix things, to heal them, to make them right. Again the chance to do the work, which is to look in, to touch the pain but not become it, to see the […]
  • One Gratitude December 3, 2019
          this eager heart— in a stuffy room, suddenly the windows flung wide