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  • For Brahms on His Birthday May 8, 2021
    For your birthday, Johannes,I listened to your first piano concerto,my heart trembling like a tuning forkas the ivory keys and nylon stringsconversed about tenebrous grief and loss. No one hissed in the audiencethe way they did when your concertodebuted. In fact, in my kitchen,I sighed. I gasped. I thanked youfor the turbulence. What a gift […]
  • Dear 2020: Let’s write about it May 7, 2021
    Want to process the last year in writing? Here are three chances: Two small playshops through Wilkinson Public Library where we write and share, 12 people per class. ORa 40-minute Thoughtshop, hosted by SHYFT at Mile High, that will offer tons of poems and prompts. (Webinar format) Dear 2020: Writing to explore losses and blessings of […]
  • When I Want to Hold On May 7, 2021
       Teach meto trustthe hopethat bloomsinsidethe loss,the lovethat’s atthe heartof fear—teach meto molt,to slough,to shed,to doff,to meetthe first lightand thenlet even thatgo.
  • One Old Friendship May 6, 2021
    even as we devourthe applescent of apple blossoms
  • On the South Platte River Trail in Northeastern Colorado May 5, 2021
     Some people say there’s nothing out there,nothing but plains and the Platte and the sky.A whole horizon of nothing,and a barbed wire fence to hold backall that nothing. But when you drivethrough that nothingperhaps a young scrappy manon a half-breed mustangwill ride through your thoughts,and hand you a letterfrom one hundred sixty years ago.For you, […]
  • To Say I Don’t Know May 4, 2021
    It’s like moving west around the earthso I might stay in perpetual sunrise—moving to stay in that moment when the dayis blushing with potential. But sometimes when I am very still,I notice the sunrise within.And I wake and I wake, and I wakeand by doing nothing, begin again.
  • Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer: Darn Lucky May 4, 2021
    What a thrill to have a poem featured today in the fabulous Vox Populi, an ezine for poetry, politics and nature! In fact, I’m feeling Darn Lucky, as the title of the poem suggests! (a poem about friendship, trusting the world, waking up to start again).
  • I Don’t Know May 3, 2021
    Today, I notice something greenspearing through the dirtin the garden, and onlybecause there are eight such spearsrising in perfect rows do I vaguely rememberlast year I planted bulbs there,but I don’t remember what they are.How much of the beauty we plantdo we forget? There is so much in me that growsbecause of words you have […]
  • Side Blessings May 2, 2021
      I save everyrubber band—thick purple onesfrom broccoli,asparagus, leeks,and the thin blue onesused to keep berriesfrom spilling.I could never throw awaya rubber band—stretchy bonusesthrown in for free. Perhaps it’s strangeto call them blessings—but I thrill in side benefits.Like a talented new friendhardwired for forgiveness.Like the swooping choreographyof swallows that helps themto eat biting flies.Like how red wine […]
  • Unintentional Elegy May 1, 2021
      Lover of still water,you, mosquito,will not be missedif I slap you, the way I don’tmiss a tooth ache,I don’t miss a rashor the scent of carcasses, and yet tiny blood sucker,before the slapI consider howyou herald spring, how you come bearing songon your wings.