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  • Navigation June 23, 2021
    Abducted, drugged and leftabandoned in a field, a beewill still discover a way backto its hive. Though day is nightand night is day, thoughanesthetized, disrupted,foggy, dazed,the faithful bee returns.Is it any wonder then,the heart with itsecstatic buzz, though dissuadedby time, discouraged byloss, deterred by neglector rejection, still managesto navigate its way home?Sometimes I feel it—its […]
  • One Ephemeral June 22, 2021
    like trying to hold a waterfall—this beautythat can only be lived
  • The Good News June 21, 2021
    On this longest dayI walk right throughthe line of whatI thought wasimpossible, hush,can you hear it,the sound of fearas it dissolvesinto (oh, beautiful)sunlight.
  • The Pale Scar on My Ankle June 20, 2021
    reminds me of the daymy dad held mein front of himwhile riding his bikeand fifty years later,I remember mostthe moments beforethe bite of the spokeswhen we were laughingin the muggy Wisconsin June,the sky dark with rain,the joy of being held by him,the thrill of going fast,the wind in our faces.I remember mosthow he picked me […]
  • Cheers, Friend June 19, 2021
    The day bubbles uplike champagne, a burstof effervescence, bright rushof intoxication, a goldenstream of goodness—and I, walking the trailwith my friend, findI’m tipsy on laughterand old love, forgettingfor the moment life mightbe any other way—remembering onlycelebration, indulgence,scent of white flowers,a sparkling that lingers,the glass somehowalways, sweet miracle,so full.
  • Mid-Conversation June 18, 2021
    Sometimesin the silencebetweenthe small talka whole lifeis lived—a lifein whichyou areexactlyyourselfonly more so,a self withoutname, a selfof nowhere, aself unselved,whichis to saythat sometimesin the silenceof a minuteyou findsome visionso vastso truethat you weepbefore saying,And how are you?
  • June Song June 17, 2021
      I wake into the summer lightwith summer skin and summereyes and breathe the summer’sperfumed air and wear the sunshinein my hair; and all around mesummer sings, cicada clicks andbroadtail wings. And eveningssteep in a honeyed glowthat transforms all the worldto gold. And if there is a winterdream, I cannot find it in thistime when swallows […]
  • When It’s Hardest June 16, 2021
     In a time of droughtlet me choose to love youthe way yucca blooms—creamy, abundant, soft—despite drought.No. Because drought.
  • One Way to Do It June 15, 2021
    not reading the bookon letting go—she opens her hand
  • Recalibrating June 14, 2021
    I would like to go inside your pillow, hearyour breath and know you are okay, catchthe tears you cry when no one else is looking.Today, you told me you don’t want to be held,but I still want to hold you—want to meet youwith gentleness, support. How many yearshave I been the one to comfort you, […]