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  • And No Key November 20, 2019
          I plunge both hands into the love poem,   surprised to find they’re now handcuffed there.
  • DOOGOOD! Random acts of kindness November 19, 2019
    If you could use some good news, find your way to DOOGOOD Stories, an international site hosted in Finland, sharing stories of random acts of kindness around the world and their ripple effects. If you scroll around, you’ll find where I talk about one of my mentors, Art Goodtimes, and how a simple and personal […]
  • This Is No Slap Dash Quiz November 19, 2019
        Part of me wants to give you the book of answers, the solution key, to help you know which decision, A, B, C or D, will bring the most healing, the most happiness. I no longer believe in such a book, such a key.   Instead I wish for you the peace that […]
  • Beside the River with My Daughter November 18, 2019
          Hundreds of smooth red stones— we gathered them that summer and spent days carefully laying them out into a wide and winding red path. It had no real starting point, no destination. We tucked white daisies between the rocks. We said it was for the fairies. I wouldn’t have said it then, […]
  • The Gnoissienne 2 Speaks November 17, 2019
      yet another poem inspired by this composition by Erik Satie     You wonder why I haunt you like moonlight, why I come to you like morning fog, dream thick and cool, why I steep myself into your thoughts like bergamot in black tea. You wonder why I seldom leave you, why I slip […]
  • Wellspring of Imagination November 16, 2019
        Truth serum cannot be made alone. We will begin with stories in which there are red flowers, white flowers, maggots, gold. Add walks in the woods where the walls of the gorge still remember when they were plateau. Hours of listening to the other voices of ourselves speaking. Bright chime of a singing […]
  • Especially When It Seems Impossible November 15, 2019
        Try to praise the mutilated world             —Adam Zagajewski     The cratered earth and the blood stained shirts and the men with guns and the hate sharp words and the sour rooms that never see sun and the rashes, the cancers the blackened lungs   and still, there are paths in Ohio […]
  • One Almost Miss November 15, 2019
        catching the plane— five hours later this heart still rushing to the gate
  • Re-Seeing the Obvious November 13, 2019
        When pregnant, it was clear I was along for the ride with a miracle. Sure, I could eat organic broccoli, walk and eschew caffeine, but that was just taking care of the vessel. Life itself was doing the real work.   Imagine my surprise today to realize I’m still along for the ride. […]
  • How to Celebrate a New Year?? November 12, 2019
    Join me and artist Meredith Nemirov at the Ah Haa School’s amazing (and elegant) New Year’s Eve Gala … art and poetry and incredible food to celebrate the old, bless the new and remember what is vitally important in the present.