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Emerging Form: A Bi-Weekly Podcast

Hear the latest from “Emerging Form“, a weekly podcast about the creative process.

Join me and my co-host, the New York Times bestselling science writer Christie Aschwanden as we discuss creativity, usually over a glass of wine. Themes for season one include quitting, getting started, collaboration and existential despair. Guests for season one include poets and writers as well as a sketch artist, a songwriter, a winemaker and a circus performer.

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  • Episode 57: How play can fuel creativity with Catherine Price January 20, 2022
    Listen now (32 min) | Image: Catherine, Christie and Rosemerry Feeling stuck or stumped in your creative practice? Maybe what you need is more fun. In this episode we speak with Catherine Price, author of The Power of Fun: How to Feel Alive Again. Her definition of fun feels utterly apropos of creativity. She defines […]
    Christie Aschwanden
  • Why Fun Is Practical for Creativity January 19, 2022
    How to give your practice what it really wants
    Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer
  • Episode 56 Bonus: Wielding the Magic Wand January 13, 2022
    Listen now (10 min) | In which we ask listeners to tell us how they'd use a magic wand that could instantly solve their creative problems.
    Christie Aschwanden
  • Episode 56: New Year 2022 January 6, 2022
    Listen now (30 min) | A look back and ahead.
    Christie Aschwanden
  • If I Had a Magic Wand for 2022 January 3, 2022
    Emerging Form talks Creative Goals
    Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer
  • Episode 55 bonus: We're writing again! December 2, 2021
    Listen now (8 min) | In this bonus episode, Christie and Rosemerry read some of the new works they’ve created since the trauma of the last four months. Finding My Friend’s Unwritten Poems, Christie at Last Word On Nothing Digging Potatoes, 2021, by Rosemerry Condition, by Rosemerry
    Christie Aschwanden
  • Episode 55: Why do we do this (creative practice)? November 25, 2021
    Listen now (27 min) | Photo: Photo: Rosemerry and Christie celebrating Rosemerry’s birthday on a recent sleety/snowy day in Telluride. In this episode of Emerging Form, Rosemerry and Christie discuss how their recent traumas affected their creative output and how taking a break from writing ultimately helped their creative process.
    Christie Aschwanden
  • Episode 54 bonus: more wisdom from Jack Ridl November 18, 2021
    Listen now (17 min) | In this bonus episode, we speak with poet and teacher Jack Ridl about how he fills his days (with titles!), what he learned from his mentor Paul Zimmer (and just how long that took), how he found permission to put angels into his poems and why his colleagues have sometimes […]
    Christie Aschwanden
  • Episode 54: What's at stake, with Jack Ridl November 11, 2021
    Listen now (37 min) | Why invest in your creative life? In this episode of Emerging Form, we continue with our Soul Food Series with poet and teacher Jack Ridl. He talks about how our creative endeavors link us to the big history and reconnect us with what really matters. Then he brings us the […]
    Christie Aschwanden
  • Why Your Work Matters ... November 8, 2021
    A conversation of reconnection and poetry "news" with poet Jack Ridl
    Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer