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Emerging Form: A Bi-Weekly Podcast

Hear the latest from “Emerging Form“, a weekly podcast about the creative process.

Join me and my co-host, the New York Times bestselling science writer Christie Aschwanden as we discuss creativity, usually over a glass of wine. Themes for season one include quitting, getting started, collaboration and existential despair. Guests for season one include poets and writers as well as a sketch artist, a songwriter, a winemaker and a circus performer.

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  • Episode 65: A Creative Walk with Valencia Robin May 12, 2022
    Listen now (29 min) | Walking. So simple, and yet putting one foot in front of the other is one of the most profound things you can do for your creative practice. In this episode of Emerging Form, we speak with award-winning poet and painter Valencia Robin about how walking has inspired her practice. We […]
    Christie Aschwanden
  • Walking: Your Muse's Ace in the Hole May 9, 2022
    Emerging Form talks our walk with poet & painter Valencia Robin
    Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer
  • Episode 64 bonus: Alison Luterman on coaxing the form to emerge and skies before screens. May 5, 2022
    Listen now (16 min) | “You wouldn’t yell at a preemie baby,” says poet, lyricist, playwright and teacher Alison Luterman. In this bonus episode, we talk about Alison’s “coaxing” approach for her new work, about patience, self-compassion, starting the morning without screens, the benefits and detriments of having many projects at once, and, of course, […]
    Christie Aschwanden
  • Episode 64: Alison Luterman reprise -- it's ok to not feel talented. Keep going anyway. April 28, 2022
    Listen now (30 min) | Is talent necessary? Is it possible, with devotion, hard work and help and time, to develop a creative practice that doesn’t come to us naturally? In this episode of Emerging Form, we talk again with poet, lyricist, playwright and teacher Alison Luterman. As an exuberant young girl who loved to […]
    Christie Aschwanden
  • Growing from Creative Wounds April 25, 2022
    How poet Alison Luterman is reclaiming her joy of singing
    Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer
  • Episode 63 bonus: Holiday Mathis on creative process April 21, 2022
    Listen now (18 min) | “If you love something, live it,” says Holiday Mathis. In this week’s bonus episode, we talk with the astrologer, songwriter and novelist about how a car in a park can become a makeshift room of one’s own, how she gained inspiration from dancers in Las Vegas and how when she […]
    Christie Aschwanden
  • Episode 63: Reviving abandoned projects with Holiday Mathis April 14, 2022
    Listen now (34 min) | Ninety-seven percent of people who begin a novel don’t finish it. But what about all the people who finish it and then set it aside? What happens to that novel in a drawer? Well … sometimes it goes to novel heaven and finds a publisher–and we have proof. In this […]
    Christie Aschwanden
  • Revisiting the Abandoned Project April 11, 2022
    How Holiday Mathis found a publisher for her novel gathering dust
    Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer
  • Episode 62 bonus: How to deal with an unhelpful inner voice April 7, 2022
    Listen now (9 min) | How do you deal with the inner voice that says, “You’re not good enough?” We asked our Facebook group members and the answers were enlightening, funny, helpful and sometimes deeply philosophical! We share some of our favorites–so many great tips for how to meet that harsh inner critic!
    Christie Aschwanden
  • Episode 62: An Exploration of Poetic Process March 31, 2022
    Listen now (30 min) | How does a poem emerge? So many ways to do it right, says Rosemerry. But in this episode, we take an intimate and critical look at one poem, “For When People Ask,” and talk about the genesis of the poem, how it changed and transformed, how the metaphors grew and […]
    Christie Aschwanden