The Poetic Path: A Phone App

The Poetic Path: Seeing the Same World in a New Way

Welcome to The Poetic Path, a chance to meet the same world in a new way. Every day we read poems and notice where they land. I’ll ask you, what word or phrase or image stands out to you? Then I’ll talk a little about the poem, offer insight into how or why it was written, and point out some of the ways the poem invites us to re-see the world. Then I’ll read it again. Often, the second time we hear a poem, it reveals itself very differently.

If you take the time to listen, your work is done for the day. That’s it. If you continue to show up and meet each day’s poem, you will notice that it changes the way you see the world—it changes you. If you want to write or journal, or think about the poem or talk about it with someone else, I’ll offer ideas for that, too, but just showing up to listen to each day’s poem is enough.

I like to think of a poem as a very, very small story. Not the story of a life, but the story of a moment. Each poem is like a window that opens up to share with us some new revelation about who we are and what we’re doing here.

You can find The Poetic Path on the Ritual app on your phone. There is a small fee to join Ritual, and there are so many other wonderful audio practices available on it, all to strengthen your wellbeing and nourish your spirit.

The above link is to find the app on your phone – it will not work on a computer.