“Meadow” in Vox Populi

by rosemerryt@gmail.com

You know that feeling when you feel the vastness of the world and yourself a part of it? That’s at the heart of this poem, “Meadow,” published in Vox Populi and coming this fall in my new book, The Unfolding. Go check out the whole zine–I love the blend of poetry, essay, fiction, film and more.


Walking through tall grass
on a narrow path, my fingers
spread wide to pull through the seedheads.
As if to touch is to be touched.
As if, with open palms,
I could pull this beauty
inside me and carry it with me
until I give it to you—
as if I could somehow
slip a whole meadow into your pocket
so you could unfold it anytime
and wander through grass
as high as your chest
and feel how the vastness
reminds us who we are.