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Words for You

For over ten years, I’ve written a poem a day. This practice is both my anchor and my kite. On this page, you'll find some of my favorite ones from recent months. For a slew of poems, check out my daily poetry blog, A Hundred Falling Veils.

See my ventures into video poeming, visit my youtube channel.

Getting The News from Poems: New Verse News has picked up two of my poems recently, “The Last Lunch” and another about a candlelight vigil in Brussels after the Paris attacks, “Crossing the Divide”. 

Ever feel as if you’re pushing a rock up a hill? The lovely blog A Year of Being Here featured this poem of mine recently on just that feeling. "Perhaps It Would Eventually Erode, But ... "

One for the Dark: Because sometimes it feels so darn dark. Published on the beautiful site, Journey of the Heart, INTO THE DARK AGAIN.

Upcoming Book! Lithic Press will be publishing a collection of three-line poems and three-line illustrations I’ve done in collaboration with artist Jill Sabella. Look for the collection by November 2016.

Listen to the Music: One of my sonnets was arranged by Robert McCauley and performed by Kyra Kopestonsky and Colleen Mahoney. See the performance here on YouTube.


Photo by Darby Ullyatt



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