Video: Exploring poetic ways to meet a day

recording from December 6, 2022


“Mom,” says my teenage daughter, “real life is not poetic.” That was the prompt for me to create a poetic exploration of how we might meet a day when I was featured for Bardic Trails, hosted by Joanna Spindler, zoomed on December 6, 2022. A twenty minute poetry reading is followed by a Q & A in which we talk about poetry habits, favorite (and least favorite) poets, and then an open reading with the theme “adjust.”

Poems read:
Why I Urge You to Do What You’re Passionate About
As You Have Done for Me
Lumbricus terrestris
Wild Rose Chooses a Tail
The Prayers
What’s in a Broken Cup
Watching My Friend Pretend Her Heart Isn’t Breaking
Apricity (at the very end)