Becoming an Instrument

by KORTArides2018@

Ever feel as if a person is not listening to you?

What might you try to get them to hear what you say? Why not become an instrument and speak to them through music.

And if you were an instrument, what would you be? How would you play? For whom would you play? And who would you not play for? Who would not listen to you? Where would you play? Describe the music, its tempo and rhythm.

If you need a starting line, consider this: “Would you listen to me if I were a name of the instrument?

Below, read how Julie Cummings, a poet in Denver, describes how she might be a drum.

Drumming at 30 – Julie Cummings

My words rose up
then came down hard
a steady beat
Interrupted at times
when you droned on
and on
like a 10 year old
practicing the violin.
It hurt my ears
to hear you.
Some days I
tried to accompany
what you called music
with a steady beat,
but I kept improving
and you continued
to wail.

(Download the pdf here.)