“Big” on Arizona Public Radio

Premiere episode of Poetry Snaps hosted by Steven Law

by rosemerryt@gmail.com

A great new poetry audio program kicked off with one of Rosemerry’s poems. Let’s hear it for “Poetry Snaps!” Hosted by poet and storyteller Steven Law. Rosemerry talks briefly about writing the poem “Big” and then reads it.


This is, perhaps, the year to learn to be big.
Spruce tree big. Cliffside big. Big as mesa,
as mountain lake. Big as in cosmos, as in love.
Being small has never served me—
constricting, contorting, trying to fit into a room, into shoes,
into a name. Let this be the year to escape all those little
rules with those little shoulds, all those little
cages with their little locks. Time to make of myself
a key, time to lean into immensity. Time to supersize
communion, time to grow beyond self. Time to
open, to unwall, to do as the universe does,
accelerating as it expands, not rushing toward
something else, but changing the scale of space itself.

from Hush: Poems (Middle Creek Publishing, 2020)