Even Now: Poems and Drawings


Even Now pares Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer’s expansive work down to three lines in this collection of poems, each paired with an evocative three-line drawing by artist Jill Sabella. The image-poem pairs float on the page and evoke old ideas, bonfires burning out of control, feelings of long ago, tough hope, and the possibility of Spring.

Finalist for the Eric Hoffer Book Awards and
Colorado Independent Publisher’s Association Book Awards

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Praise for Even Now

Simply beautiful … This book is a little treasure chest (a mere six inches square) full of catalytic gems that resonate with just about any punch life might be dishing out at the moment. Place near workstation or bed or altar for ready access. … Open it frequently, starting now.

—Jazz Jaeschke, reviewer, Story Circle Book Reviews

Oh the poems! Rumi would memorize them. Perhaps he is in his own dimension now, saying, “Yes she has read me, but she has gone her own way, taken the next step.” So full of wise thoughts and beautiful, surprising images and heartfelt turns. I can’t wait to reread the book (I can’t remember the last time I said that).

—Peter Waldor, The Unattended Harp and Who Touches Everything (winner of the National Jewish Book Award)

I like this book a lot, Even Now, by Rosemerry Trommer & Jill Sabella. It shows some of their wonderful talent. And the title-poem brings to mind a Rumi translation that I feel is of such worth it may someday appear in every psychiatrist’s officeor get tattooed many places. That verse goes:
If God said, “Rumi, pay homage to everything that has brought you into my arms.”
There would not be one experience of my life, not a single action, not any feeling
or thought or word I would not now … bow to.
–Daniel Ladinsky, bestselling international Penguin author
–Rumi verse: from Ladinsky’s anthology Love Poems from God

It is such a lovely bouquet of poems! Each page is like a tiny drop of glistening water with the reflection of the world—or the heart—inside. I love it.

—Lisa Zimmerman, www.lisazimmermanpoet.com