Holding Three Things at Once: Poems


Finalist for the Colorado Book Award.

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Praise for Holding Three Things at Once: Poems

Rosemerry Trommer is one of the best poets working today. She has a knack for placing the reader at ease and pointing out in a gentle manner things that matter in a hectic world. Things like family, the changing of the seasons, and the daily distractions of life that ultimately have a way for bringing solace and peace and thanks if you will but listen. … If you only buy one book of poetry this year, make it this one.
Review in The Oklahoma Observer by Mike Nobles

One of the summer’s best poetry reads is Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer’s Holding Three Things At Once which was a finalist for the Colorado Book Award. These poems, both intimate and adventuresome, illuminate Rosemerry quest for balance and perfection while juggling the roles of writer, mother, and organic fruit grower. Simply delicious! Ripe and juicy! Incredibly profound and memorable.
Review in Wyo Poets Newsletter by Laurie Wagner Buyer

Rosemerry is a chanteuse of the heart, winging her way through the orchards of daily life, gathering up for us small gifts, children, rare apricot words, cherry blossoms and always love’s sweet pears. A ripening book of shudders and sighs.
Art Goodtimes, Author of As If the World Really Mattered

Wahtola Trommer’s words take flight and blossom throughout this work, a mother’s testament to her children, life, the earth and the succulent, sweetly dripping, fruits that each new poem produces. This is a work about creation; on so many different levels it follows the writer as she creates, the mother as she revels in her own creations and the observer as she marvels and studies what the seasons of the earth have brought into being, rain, apricots, cherries, trees, birds, fear, children, blooming … life.
Aaron A. Abeyta, Author of As Orion Falls

Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer’s words are riverstones—each one a sphere glimmering with the alchemy of grit, water, motion, time. They are strung together with gossamer strands; the effect has us shiver and blush. These are the best kind of poems, both heft and grace, dangling like counterweights to offset that which weighs heavy on the human heart.
Amy Irvine, Author of Trespass: Living at the Edge of the Promised Land

In Holding Three Things at Once, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer leads us softly, surely toward home. In these pages is fresh access to the miracles of daily living: The gestures of the seasons. The purr of contentment that hangs on the clothesline with the clean sheets. Those tender, shuffling dances of the shadows and the stars.
Gary Ferguson, Author of Hawks Rest: A Season in the Remote Heart of Yellowstone