Intimate Landscape: The Four Corners Region in Poetry & Photography


If the heart could make a topo map of the region where Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico meet, it might look something like this.

Through poems and photographs, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer and Claude Steelman lead us on a visual and sonic journey to mountains and deserts, ice falls and aspen forests, resonant canyons and silent fields.

Intimate Landscape is for anyone drawn to this wild country, for those who find resonance with remote places, and for anyone wanting one more reason—or several dozen—to fall more deeply in love with the world.

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Praise for Intimate Landscape

When we say, ‘get to the heart of things,’ we mean revealing what is most important. This beautiful book dives right to the heart of what’s important about our relationship to place and to each other: love, patience, adaptability, seeing the details, glorying in the whole—taking the time to be. To be open to every moment of every day. To be in love with life: imperfect, perilous, painful, shimmering, dazzling, full of joy. This book is a gift. Truly.
Susan Tweit, Author of Walking Nature Home

Move over Gerard Manly Hopkins and Mary Oliver to make a seat for Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer. She, too, is noticing the world and giving it sound, listening in both directions. The collaboration of image and language flows naturally, each to each.
Joan Logghe, Author of Rice and Blessed Resistance