Breathing Wind Podcast: Honoring the Full Range of Grief

Interview on Staying Open to Meeting the Moment


Oh friends. I was interviewed by the most beautiful cohosts for the most moving podcast. Breathing Wind is, as they say, like an audible hug–warm, moving, intimate conversations about grief. The episode that came out today is a very raw, vulnerable conversation in which we talk about losing my son, writing as part of the grief process, how love has shown up to support me, learning to trust life and love in a time of trauma, and much more. I read a few poems from my new book, All the Honey, which comes out April 18, and we talk about opening, doing nothing, being lived, saying hello to what is difficult and more. I am in awe of the grounded, gentle, loving nature of the co-hosts and have fallen in love with their podcast. I hope you will listen and subscribe–Naila and Sarah offer such a beautiful, heart-opened, loving way to feel connected in a time of loss.