Feeling Lost? Writing Your Way Back Home

by KORTArides2018@

For inspiration, I suggest reading Lost by David Wagoner (even Oprah likes it).

When have you felt lost? Try to remember the details of what was around you. Write them down, just in list form. What did you hear? What did you smell? What did you see? And now focus on your physical sensation. What was it like to be inside your body? You might try to put the details of the scene around you into your mind, into your limbs. For instance, if you were in a forest, like Waggoner, you might imagine the raven croaking in your pulse. The rustle of the leaves fluttering in your wrists. Try to write your way to a peace with that moment that you maybe weren’t able to achieve while you were there.

Think of a time when you felt lost, not geographically, but morally or emotionally. Write a poem that is a road map of sorts, directions on how to return to a comfortable place. You might recall the actual steps you took. You might write about the steps you wish you had taken.

(Download the pdf here.)