Feeling Out of Control? Write, Write, Write

by KORTArides2018@

Here’s a fabulous exercise for dealing with feeling out of control, given to me by Catherine O’Neil Thorne, of Art from Ashes.

Give yourself less than 3 minutes to complete each of the first four steps. Try not to look ahead before completing the last step. Don’t get too caught up in following the rules. Know that whatever you write, you did it right. As Catherine assured me, “You can’t do it wrong.”

  1. Write six lines in the present tense about an event in which you felt out of control.
  2. Now write six lines from a position of maintaining control, the actions you exert or ways in which you try to stay in control of yourself and your actions (write in the present tense).
  3. Synesthesia exercise: Fill in the following blanks.
    § If spiritual power had a smell, what would it smell like?
    § If spiritual power had a taste, what would it taste like?
    § If spiritual power had a sound, what would it sound like?
    § If you could reach out your hand and touch spiritual power, what would it feel like? § spiritual power is the color of…
    § How does spiritual power move? Now put the words “I am” before your answers for these six lines.
  4. Write six lines about the same “losing control/maintaining control” situation from a position of power (refer to your synesthesia).
  5. Read your first two poems on control by interspersing the lines, then your synesthesia, and finish with your poem on power.

(Download the pdf here.)