From Abstract to Road Map

by KORTArides2018@

The Day of the Sun —Vijay Seshadri

Arriving early at the limit of understanding,
I managed to find a good seat,
and settled in with the others,
who were fanning away the heat

with their programs full of blank pages.
The orchestra was in place,
and soon the show started.
First, deep space

rose high and flooded the stage,
immersing all the spots
where our thoughts could have fixed
if our minds had thoughts.

Which they didn’t. Then,
the sun came out and stood.
That was all that happened,
and ever would.

Seshadri literally arrives at an abstract idea. What other abstract ideas could you show up for? For instance, what if you arrived late for the end of time? Write something about arriving for an abstract. I.E. “by the time I got to anger, I was sweaty from the trip.”

Try, like Seshadri did, to use plenty of specifics and concrete ideas—for instance, he uses an orchestra setting and pulls in the program, stage, etc.

(Download the pdf here.)