Honors for Emerging Form

Shortlisted for International Women's Podcast Awards

by rosemerryt@gmail.com

For the last few years, my wonderful friend Christie Aschwanden and I have been co-hosting a podcast on creative process, Emerging Form. We were recently named as finalists in the “Moment of Calm Unflappability” category of the International Women’s Podcast Awards. The award was, in specific, responding to a podcast recorded a year ago in which we speak about Christie’s father’s stroke and my son’s death by his own hand. That episode (Episode 50) can be found herehttps://emergingform.substack.com/p/episode-50-creativity-in-times-of#details 

We recently recorded a new episode in which we talk about the past year and how creative practice has helped us in a time of uncertainty and trauma. To listen to this episode (episode 70), you can find our podcast on any popular podcast site (spotify, apple podcasts, etc), or herehttps://emergingform.substack.com/p/episode-70-checking-in-one-year-later#details

The main episodes are always free. If you become a member you also get bonus content every other week–for instance, this week, I will be doing a bonus episode on using metaphor as tool for meeting grief.