How Do We Come Together?

"Coming Together" published in Braided Way


I think of it all the time–how will humanity come together? How will we unite? Is it possible? I look for metaphors in the world that give evidence for such miracles. And there’s evidence. That’s what this poem is about, published in the amazing Braided Way in May, 2022.

Coming Together

It seems too slow,
this moving toward each other,
toward peace.
The heart is eager for union,
longs for grounding between continents,
longs for connection, for wholeness,
instead of all this fracture.
Do the tectonic plates
remember what it was
to be Pangaea? Can the heart
remember a time before
it was defined by rifting
and brokenness?
I have read that the next supercontinent
will form in 200 million years—
that we’re halfway through
the scattered phase.
Oh, we are so scattered.
They say the pace of the plates
is comparable to the speed
at which our fingernails grow.
Oh, so slow, this coming together.
Yet it happens. It happens.
Let the heart know
what the land knows: It happens.

–Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer