How We Treat Each Other Matters

"As You Have Done for Me" published in Reformed Journal


It matters how we treat each other. In every interaction the chance to remind others (and ourselves) that we are made of treasure. I am grateful to Reformed Journal for publishing this poem.


As You Have Done for Me

If you were here
I would put my hand
on your heart
and hold it there
until our breaths
became a single tide,
hold it there until
I could feel the moment
when you remember
your infinite value.
It’s so easy to forget
we are treasure.
So easy to lose track
of our own immeasurable worth.
The chest rusts shut.
We think we are empty.
Amazing how easily
we are fooled into believing
we’re paupers.
Sometimes it takes another
to remind us
we have always been
not only the treasure
but also the key.
Though the hinges
are a metaphor,
the treasure is not.
We were made to open,
to share our priceless gift,
to press our hands
to each other’s hearts
and hold them there
until we all remember.

–Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer