Journey into Endarkenment

A Conversation with Kara Johnstad on OmTimes Radio


I so enjoyed my hour-long conversation with the luminous Kara Johnstad on her show Voice Rising–she’s one of my favorite interviewers. We spoke about poetry, Rilke, embracing the full spectrum of experience, life and death and light and dark and imagination and shadow and inspiration and more … plus we listen to several tracks from my new album Dark Praise. Below is a description of the program and here is the link to listen!

Embrace the beauty of the dark and discover the transformative power of endarkenment in our upcoming Voice Rising Show! Join Voice Visionary Kara Johnstad in conversation with American poet Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, as they explore the profound depths of creativity, passion, and revelation through Rosemerry’s new spoken-word album, “Dark Praise.” In a culture that often celebrates only the light, Rosemerry’s journey to embrace darkness has brought forth a rich tapestry of wisdom that promises to inspire your own creative journey.

Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, known for her lyrical poetry and unique storytelling, has been recognized for her exceptional contributions to the world of poetry. Join us as we delve into the significance of endarkenment alongside enlightenment and how embracing the dark can open doors to essential self-discovery and connection. Learn how writing about our fears can lead to profound revelations and how the collaboration between poetry and music enhances the power of spoken word.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore poetry as an oral and aural art form and gain insights into Rosemerry’s extraordinary creative journey. Mark your calendars for an illuminating conversation that celebrates the transformative power of the dark. Stay tuned for this enlightening episode on the Voice Rising Show.