“Learning to Lie Still” published on Journey of the Heart

a little help from a cat

by rosemerryt@gmail.com

I love Journey of the Heart: Women’s Spiritual Poetry–a fabulous blog by Catherine Schweig. And it’s a joy to have a poem there again after many years–“Learning to Lie Still.”


Learning to Lie Still



It isn’t easy.
Good, then, to have a cat
come lie in the curve of my arm
with her full weight on my weight,
her warmth against my side.
If she purrs, so much the better.
How could I rise and disrupt
her low gravelly song?
So I lie still. Awake, but not scrolling.
Not speaking. Not running to fix.
It comes to this—my great hope
for learning to lie still
is to become a cushion for cat.
It’s a noble hope—to lie still
as a cat in the curve of an arm,
still as a pool of daylight on the sill,
still as the sun itself, holding the center
as the whole world moves around it.