Living into All the Honey: Embracing Grief & Joy

10-minute video of poetry and conversation


I feel so crazy lucky that Jennifer Kent of University of Nevada–Reno created this beautiful 10-minute video as part of the Lake Tahoe speaker series. Shot at the Lake Tahoe campus in September 2023, it features me reading three poems–“For When People Ask,” “Simple Tools” and “Untamed”–and also conversing about how a daily poetry practice helped me in a time of grief, what I didn’t know about grief before my son died, spaciousness and silliness, and how my most recent collection All the Honey came to be.

Jennifer wrote me, “It felt important to edit this for you before the holidays began … because I think your words will offer comfort to those that struggle to feel joy during the holiday months for whatever reason.” Friends, if that is you who is struggling, I am wishing you deep peace as you meet a difficult time. May you be carried by love.