Pushcart Nomination!

by rosemerryt@gmail.com

What a joy to be nominated for a Pushcart Prize this year by ONE ART: A Journal of Poetry. I love this online journal, and it’s a thrill to be included with five other amazing poets. You can read them all here.

In Times of Great Darkness

I want to do for you
what the sun does for me—
coax you to come
outside, to breathe in
the golden air.
I want to warm you
and enter you,
fill you with brilliance,
make your muscles melt,
make your mind shush.
I want to prepare for you
luminous paths
that span across deep space,
thaw any part of you
that feels frozen,
find any cracks
and slip shine into them.
I want to intensify
your shadow
so you might better know
your own shape.
I want to encourage you
to open, wider, wider,
want to teach you
to write your name
in light.

(First published in ONE ART: A Journal of Poetry)