Review for ALL THE HONEY in Panorama Journal

Insightful, Authentic, Organic


I am so grateful to Steven Law for the thoughtful review of my new poetry collection All the Honey, what a joy to read this response to a book that is open to devastating grief and great joy and pleasure.

Here’s an excerpt:

One of Trommer’s greatest gifts is her willingness and capacity to inhabit a selected space – whether it’s a car ride with her daughter or slipping through broken slats of a fence to sit alone in an abandoned field – and gather from it everything that is beautiful and noteworthy. An environment, a situation, a moment, an emotion, Trommer gives that space her full attention. Sometimes her attentiveness is that of a camera with its aperture set to f/64, bringing everything near and far simultaneously into focus. Sometimes she uses a poetic macro lens to zoom in on a moment’s smallest, finest details.

To read the whole review, visit Panorama Journal.  (Issue 8)