The Sacredness of Uncertainty

"Never the Same" the subject of Turning Towards Life podcast


I LOVE the Turning Towards Life Podcast, in which Lizzie and Justin discuss a source text and very gently, inevitably unpack it to arrive at messy, beautiful center of life. And this week they chose one of my poems, “Never the Same,” about not believing any frame–knowing that what we can understand (or know) will change and change and change. Oh the endless unfolding of self …

Watch it here  or listen anywhere you listen to podcasts, Turning Towards Life, Ep. 288.

Never the Same

Sometimes a person wakes
believing they are a storm.
It’s hard to deny it, what,
with all the rain pouring out
of the gutters of the mind,
all the gusts blowing through,
all the squalls, all the gray.
But by afternoon, it seems obvious
they are a garden about to sprout.
By night, it is clear they are a moon—
luminous, radiant, faithful.
That’s the danger, I suppose,
of believing any frame.
Let me believe, then, in curiosity,
in wonder, in change.
Let me trust how essential it is
to stumble into the trough
of the unknown, marvel how
trough becomes wings becomes
faith becomes math. Let me trust
uncertainty is a sacred path.