Voice Rising Interview with Kara Johnstad

by rosemerryt@gmail.com

It was so fun conversing with Kara Johnstad on Om Times Radio in her wonderful show Voice Rising. She asked such insightful questions about how poetry might help us meet the world (and ourselves), and I loved the wide-angled lens she uses. We read poems from my latest book, Hush, and talked about daily life/poetry life, yesness, generosity, the gift of constraint, the dance of silence and voice, and the impossibility of writing a poem about ticks. Available here on spotify.

Here’s the first poem I shared:



Again the urge

to bring gauze

to the broken world—

and medicine

and a plaster cast.

Again the urge

to fix things,

to heal them,

to make them right.

Again the chance

to do the work,

which is to look in,

to touch the pain

but not become it,

to see the world

exactly as it is

and still write it

a love letter,

to meet what is cracked

with clarity,

to mirror and grow

whatever beauty

we find.