Lower your standards. 

That’s the advice I give myself when I’m stuck in front of a blank page.

And what a difficult thing to do. Of course when we write, we want it to be good, even great! We want it to touch other people, to surprise even ourselves. And there is one surefire way to not do that: Tell yourself it has to be great.

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That longing for greatness becomes an insurmountable wall. It can make it almost impossible to put down a single word.

A few years ago, I changed my writing lens. Instead of sitting down to write something “good,” I made it my goal to write something true. And I will suggest to you that if you can write something true, chances are that you will touch other people and surprise even yourself.

And there is a place and time to elevate your standards … it’s later. After you’ve written and walked away. You will have time to tinker and improve, to bring all your knowledge and experience to bear on your writing.

For anyone who’s ever been stared down by blank, I invite you to try it. Once you’ve relaxed, anything is possible. Even greatness. 

Let’s play,



Rosemerry at the Art & Architecture exhibit at the Ah Haa School for the Arts.

In addition to having her work on the walls, her dress, her boots, and hanging from the ceiling, she wrote 80-something short poems over 5 hours for the guests who came through. The judges awarded her the Artist Award for the whole event.

To see some of the poems she wrote, check out "Eighteen Small Steps" here.


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