The blank page.

What a gift. Every day when we sit down to write, we have an opportunity to engage, at least for a moment, with nothing.

There is so much freedom in this. The page has no agenda. No expectation. It is ready for whatever you bring. I used to think it was intimidating. Now I come to a blank page with a sense of perfect potential. Anything could happen.

Books and Recordings by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

Next time you meet a blank page, notice how your body responds to it. Is there fear? Excitement? Obligation? Reverence?

Today, while I was leading a poetry playshop for second graders, a boy said to me, “So if you write a poem every day, do you ever write poems about nothing?” How could he have known one of my favorite subjects! You can find one of my new poems about moving toward nothing HERE.

If you want to try your own hand a nothing, well, there are a whole lot of prompts on my YOU THE POET page. You could ignore them and sit with a blank page every day for a while and just see how that blank might not start to just grow on you …

If you do write a nothing poem, send it to me! I would love to read it.

Let’s play,


WordSharks: Art, Rosemerry, David

The Wordsharks, Art Goodtimes, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer and David Feela: These three seasoned performers read in succession by rapidly responding to each other’s words with their own.

Threads dangled, braided, and severed; hooks set, to include generous servings of laughter and thought-provoking writing, culminate in a frenzy.

If You’re Looking for Good News … then you will likely appreciate I stumbled on the site by happy accident. Now I receive their daily word—so inspiring! They recently published my poem, “One Morning.”

Cool New Zine out of the West: If you are drawn to the landscapes and people of the West, check out the wonderful new Sage Green Journal founded by Art Goodtimes and Lito Tejada-Flores. They have a great poetry section, photographs, a soap box …

Yer Outta Yer Gourd: Every first Tuesday of the month, Art Goodtimes and I host the Talking Gourds Poetry Festival at Arroyo Gallery and Wine Bar in Telluride. 6 p.m. Free. Feature poet and open reading.

Power to the Paradox: That’s the mantra of my dear friend Jack Mueller. He’s rubbed off on me. In a recent poem accepted at Journey of the Heart, I explore the delight and heartbreak of letting go and holding on.

The Gift of Being Broken: That’s one of the themes I explore in the poems published in the most recent issue of Kyle Harvey’s really fine Fruita Pulp. Also great poems by Danny Rosen, Jennifer Hancock, Laurie James and more.

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