Give up on knowing the end.

Sometimes I notice I’m thinking about life as if it were a story problem, as if there is some kind of answer I am working toward, that we’re all working toward.

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The facts never total up. My friend Wayne Muller, author of Sabbath: A life of being, having and doing enough, writes, “We actually have no idea how to make things turn out the way we want. It is far better to be willing to be surprised by the wonder and grace of how all unfolds, unaffected by either our permission or our preference.”

This unfolding … that’s where poetry comes in. When writing a poem, I promise myself I will not know the ending, and if I do, I write past it. Almost always the poem surprises me with revelation—something always there, but only through contemplation and writing am I able to see it.

One way to more wholly explore your possibilities is to consider new frames for your thoughts. How? Watch my TEDx talk on The Art of Changing Metaphors.

Another way might be to have a different relationship with your thoughts altogether. How? Join me and Buddhist teacher Susie Harrington at our retreat, The Grand Embrace: Writing and relaxing into not knowingness, in La Sal, Utah.

What endings in your own life have you already assumed? What wonders might be possible if you didn’t know how your story goes? Why not see what happens when you approach life like a poem—with an infinite capacity for wonder, curiosity, surprise and revelation.

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photo: Ben Lehman

Slipping Into Something a Little Less Comfortable: The art of changing metaphors: That was the theme of my TEDx talk in Paonia, Colorado, in February. How might you change your life (and the world!) if you could identify and change just one of the metaphors framing your thoughts?

Watch the TEDx talk HERE—and share it with your friends!


What Do You Call A Group of Poets? A Heard! I’ve partnered with the San Juan Independent to launch an interactive poetry map, Heard of Poets: Poems from Colorado’s Western Slope. Each week we feature a new poet. Find it here.

Steep Yourself in Wonder—Join me for a meditation and poetry retreat with dharma teacher Susie Harrington in La Sal, Utah. Read more about this event in my schedule.

New Book! My newest poetry collection, Even Now, comes out in August. It’s an elegant, provocative collaboration of three-line poems and three-line illustrations I’ve done with artist Jill Sabella. To order, visit Lithic Press.

Art Show! All the poems and illustrations for the new book will be featured in an art show at the 81435 Gallery in Telluride, Colorado. The openings will be on October 6 and November 3, 6-9, and the art will be up through the end of November. If you can’t make it in person but would like to purchase a poem/drawing pairing for your wall, contact Rosemerry.

Surround Sound—In the spring, Rosemerry’s poem “Yet Another Layer,” inspired by artist Wewer Keohane’s piece Tea Ceremony was chosen by composer Paul Fowler to become a piece sung by the Ars Nova Singers.  You can hear a part of the performance here and read a review of the concert here.

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