thank you world
for these disappointments
I would have become
without them so comfortable,
so certain, so stuck

Books and Recordings by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

Messy. Mysterious. Unruly. The world we live in is anything but easy to pin down. And that, in fact, is what poets have been writing about for centuries. Consider this hokku by Matsuo Basho, written in Japan in the 17th century:

the sea dark
the call of a duck
faintly white

What I love about this poem—about poetry in general—is that it doesn’t treat the world as if it’s a problem to be solved, rather it honors the fabric of reality: opposition and paradox and a multiplicity of meanings.

This is, perhaps, my favorite invitation in poetry—to keep opening to the world as it is. You feel the call, too? Let’s play.


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Dream Come True: DeLuge Journal focuses on the creativity that arises from dreams, and published my poem “Three Slow Dances” in their most recent issue.

Writing from a Quiet Place: Once again I will be co-leading a poetry and meditation retreat with dharma teacher Susie Harrington in La Sal, Utah.  Join us for The Grand Embrace, March 10-12, 2017.

What Do You Call A Group of Poets? A Heard! I’ve partnered with the San Juan Independent to launch an interactive poetry map, Heard of Poets: Poems from Colorado’s Western Slope. Each week we feature a new poet. Find it here.

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