I woke in the dark. 2:32 a.m.

 What have I done with my life, I thought. Why didn’t I get a real job? I’m not even good at poetry. How do I get out of this mess?

Self-doubt—it’s a booby trap of the ego, a canker of our humanness. And, as I re-learned, it’s a gift.

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After a week of moping and self-recrimination, I realized I had a choice. I could press eject and attempt a new life, OR I could commit myself more deeply, more wholly, to my art. Phrased this way, the choice was clear. I realized had become complacent, had been waiting for the world to come to me instead of rising up myself to meet the world.

What a blessing it turned out to be. Self-doubt drop-kicked me into a new level of enthusiasm and commitment—I launched a new discussion series at the library (link to article in Daily Planet, new on the articles page), a new drop in writing class at the local art school (see calendar), and a new poetry salon series.

It sounds strange, I know, for me to wish you doubt, but I do. And I wish you, too, a curiosity to pull you through, and a growing desire to bring your whole self to whatever it is you do.

Yours in the big conversation,

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The Writing’s on the Wall—For two years, artist Jill Sabella and I collaborated on creating three-line poems and three-line drawings. The result is a book just out from Lithic Press, Even Now, and a two-month art show at Gallery 81435 in Telluride.

A few pieces are still available for purchase through the gallery.



Why Try Poetry?—Find out my answers in this interview in Durango’s DGO Magazine.

The Art of the Apology—How do we improve the world? It starts with three words. I am sorry. See how that might work from the top down in this poem published in New Verse News.

The Future of Poetry—Every fall I join a group of incredible teachers in Ohio at Wellspring of the Imagination, a fabulous program for high school students offered by Alan Cohen. You can watch a video of this year’s event here.

What Do You Call A Group of Poets? A Heard! I’ve partnered with the San Juan Independent to launch an interactive poetry map, Heard of Poets: Poems from Colorado’s Western Slope. Each week we feature a new poet. Find it here.

A Daily Dose of Poetry:
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